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Hell, PRC

Posted on: June 6, 2007

This post should have been posted a month ago, but due to some technical difficulties, I have not.

Last May 9, I went to PRC (Professional Regulations Commission) with Sharon and her other friend (I forgot the name – another symptom of my name recall problem). And all I can say, the experience was chaotic. Hell, PRC!

As expected from a government agency, PRC is inefficient and their unsystemized application procedure. I suggest they should post a flowchart of the procedures of their application. Plus, their employees are ungrateful geeks, who shouts to the top of their lungs, for applicants to pile up in one line.

Anyway, its the trademark of government service here in the Philippines, unlike the efficient, effective and systematized government service in other country, specifically the United States and Canada, and other first world country.

We arrived there at around 7 am, and the line of nursing-applicants was like the Great Wall of China. Luckily, I’m not a nursing student, so we had the chance to cut lines and enter the gate easily. But because of the so-many nursing students applying for their board come this June, we also had to contend with them in lines for the Php63/documentary stamp and Php21/pc PRC-labeled window envelope. Plus having to fight our way to find the stamp pad, and again fall in line to pay our Php900 examination fee.

So, in one word, my day in PRC was HELL!

5 Responses to "Hell, PRC"

heheheh… welcome to prc’s hell…! hahaha… it’s part of being a teacher! naranasan ko din yang mahabang pilang iyan… glad tapos na ako dyan… hehhee

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Charles was PBBFG Season 3 Big Winner and one of the all star VHs.

kamusta ka naman Charles…

kasama talaga yan.. NO GUTS NO GLORY… 🙂


@mats.. hay naku ate mats.. sana nga magbago na ang sistema sa Pilipinas! aimishoo2…

well charles it was nice experiencing hell with you..

hehe btw, the name of my friend is cessie..
visit her blog i also made her layout..

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