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Convenient Life in the Philippines

Posted on: June 14, 2007

We all think (well, almost) that life in the United States is more convenient than in the Philippines. That is part of our colonial mentality that we still had since the Philippines was colonized by Spaniards and Americans.

Still, I believe (or discovered) that life here in the Philippines is more convenient than in the United States (or other countries, deemed by Filipinos as “Land of Opportunities“.) As part of my post this Independence Week Celebration, here are some reasons why:

On Transportations. In the US, if you dont have a car, you have three options: (1) to take a hitch from an unknown person, or (2) walk for miles, or (3) take a cab or bus. In the Philippines, if you don’t have car, you can ride a jeep, tricycle, pedicab, taxi, bus, LRT, MRT etc. It will take less time for your traveling, and costs you smaller amount.

On Trash Cans. Basically, you can put all your trash everywhere – on streets, on rivers, on lakes, on the sides and seat covers of buses and other places which has some dirt on them, in short – as in everywhere. Everyday, when I’m walking on the streets of Parañaque, I can see the rivers black and full of garbage, once in a while, you’ll get some on your houses when rain comes hard, and floods came.

On Comfort Rooms. In this country, almost everyplace is considered as a comfort room. The Philippines, I think, is the only country that allows its citizen to pee almost anywhere – – as in ALMOST anywhere. It is almost customarily to pee, if nature calls, at walls, wheels, and other places considered partly hidden, AND what is shocking is that no one would look at you offensively not even a glimpse at you.

On Supplies. At every street, there is at least one sari-sari store that has what you need: ketchup, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, pepper, softdrink, junk foods, etc. You wont need to buy large sum of stocks, unlike in other countries. One can buy them at the time of their need.

On Life. If one is working in the US or Canada, you would probably have one full time and one or two part time jobs everyday. Here, one job would suffice your need – some don’t have any work. The point is: life in the Philippines is laid back. Your day starts at 6 or 7 in the morning, and ends when teleseryes starts on TV that same night.

On TV Shows. Speaking of teleseryes, drama shows in the Philippines are considered nightly rituals of houses in the country. Another convenience of this situation is that one wont have to wait for another week to pass to watch his/her favorite drama.

There are actually many things that are very convenient in the Philippines, but we are just used to complain a lot not thinking that we actually have some luxuries in our situation. Yes, we are a third world country, but that doesnt mean we should complain a lot. Just like the old saying says: Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga.

Anyway, before its too late, I want to greet you all a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!

4 Responses to "Convenient Life in the Philippines"

You like the idea that you can use the bathroom anywhere anytime? Please stay in the Philipines and don’t bring those values to the USA. Why do you think it is good that you can trash all of your land and water with garbage?

What is good about not being motivated to work and be productive? What is good about watching tv as opposed to reading a book.

You are being ironic, right?

marami tayong sasakyan.. mga makukulay pa at ambibilis tumakbo! ONLI IN DA PILIPINS!

@thesouthtoday… you are being insensitive.. this post is intended to enlighten to filipinos..

Convenient Life in the Philippines

“We all think (well, almost) that life in the United States is more convenient than in the Philippines. That is part of our colonial mentality that we still had since the Philippines was colonized by Spaniards and Americans.”

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