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Did you know?

Posted on: June 17, 2007

I just found some trivia on the website of “National Historical Insitute“.

Do you know that in Spain, Spaniards eat “Filipinos?”
“Filipinos” is actually a brand of cookies covered in chocolate produced by a company called United Biscuits Iberia, S.L. The cookies were inspired by “rosquillo” biscuits produced in Iloilo and Negros and the Spaniards added another twist by coating it with brown or white chocolate

Do you know that Bonifacio had his image photographed he would look like Jose Rizal?
According to Bonifacio’s friend and comrade Guillermo Masangkay, as an agent of foreign companies doing business in the Philippines, Bonifacio had to dress well. He wore coat and tie, trousers and shoes which is far from his barefooted Katipunero image wearing shoes, an undershirt, loose pants and brandishing a bolo. On the very day the Katipuneros shouted the cry for freedom, Bonifacio was wearing his coat and tie. While presiding over a meeting with other revolutionary leaders whether or not to begin the revolution against Spain, Bonifacio realized that he was going to be overruled. He took off his coat and went outside where five hundred to a thousand Katipuneros were waiting for their decision. After telling them that all of them could be arrested by the Spaniards, the Katipuneros then decided to revolt then they tore their cedulas as a sign of defiance to Spain.


Do you know that some of the “Manila Galleons” were not made in the Philippines?
At least two of the galleons were made in Siam (now Thailand) and another was made in Japan.

Do you know that the actual conqueror of the Mariana Islands was a Filipino?
According to Spanish records Juan de Santa Cruz, a noble native from Indang, Cavite was given the duty to command soldiers in the Spanish garrison in the newly-established Spanish colony in Agana, Guam. This made him also the first military commander of the Marianas. De Santa Cruz made a survey of the Mariana Islands and identified the anchorages for the Manila Galleons. He suppressed the early rebellions by the natives until he returned to the Philippines in 1671.

Do you know the name of the flagpole in front of Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s Monument in Luneta Park?
It is called the Independence Flag Pole. Aptly named because it was the same flagpole that the Philippine Flag was raised in symbolism of the Independence that the Americans “gave” to the Filipino people on July 4, 1946

Do you know that among the Presidents of the Philippines, Jose P. Laurel was able to occupy all three branches of the government?
During the American occupation, Laurel served as a Justice of the Supreme Court and later became Secretary of the Interior under Governor-General Leonard Wood and Secretary of Justice under President Quezon. During the Japanese occupation, he became President of the Japanese-sponsored Philippine Republic. In 1953, he was elected Senator.

Do you know that the famous Davis Cup was actually named after one of the Governor-Generals of the Philippines?
The prestigious Davies Cup, which is awarded in tennis, was named after Dwight Davis, American Governor-General of the Philippines from 1929 to 1932. Davis, an avid tennis player, played tennis with other Americans in the Philippines. Somebody thought of having a trophy, which was actually a silver fruit holder, with the Governor’s name engraved on its side. This would eventually evolve to the familiar chalice-shaped cup given to tennis champions today.

Do you know that Mantel de Manila is actually Chinese in origin?
Mantel de Manila
was a tablecloth whose textile is actually Chinese in origin and brought to the Philippines by Chinese junks. Filipinos also add their own taste by embroidering designs on the cloth, hence the name Mantel de Manila.



7 Responses to "Did you know?"

Nice find. Sometimes it is nice to look back at history every once in a while. ALways, thought of Bonifacio as the steroetype one that we see on books nad tvs. We can’t help it, that is how we picture him.

isn’t it amazing? actually namangha ako! lalo na yung kay andres bonifacio.. i was shocked! wehehehe.. ei… anyway, napuntahan mo na ba ang madami din dyang mga info about history… actually it is a digital library… if you are looking for rare books, you can find them there.. i think! wahehehhe… doctrina christiana was publish there recently… teka bakit ko ba pinopromote ito… teka… baka nagsusulat ako dito sa kanilang blog entry… wahehehhe… who knows…. ewan natin.. baka! ating alamin!

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Did you know?

“I just found some trivia on the website of “National Historical Insitute“.”

Didn’t know that the pole in Luneta has a name pala.

Just remembered that chocolate bar na lumabas sa news dati na filipinos ang name. Di ba maraming pinoy ang nagcomplain about it? ano na pala nangyari dun?

Wala lang hehe i miss you sir! 😀


Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


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