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Do I need to celebrate Father’s Day?

Posted on: June 23, 2007

I’ll just make this post as short as possible, so don’t haste reading this.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and I totally ignore that day, since my father is not so-important to me now after we discovered that he has another family, and that he ever regretted marrying my mother.

So, do i really need?

3 Responses to "Do I need to celebrate Father’s Day?"

Ur lucky that your father is still alive. He is still your father 🙂

you know what your lucky kasi nakasam mo ung father ng matagal kahit na nadidcover nio pa na may iba ciang family hindi naman cguro maganda na hindi nio ecelebrate ang father’s day with him kasi kahit ano gawin mo he is still your father no matter what ……………

ou nga kuya,.. dad mu parin yun,.. others will wish they have ur priviledge of having him as a father.. diba?..

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