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Tourism in Baguio

Posted on: July 2, 2007

Continuation from this last post.

Of course, aside from our spiritual retreat in Baguio City, we traveled and visited the usual Baguio tourism and sceneries. We visited Mine’s View, Baguio Botanical Garden, The Mansion, Wagwagan, Pink Sisters Convent

One thing that my friends don’t know about me is that I am a Dog Lover. I don’t exactly have a dog in the house, but I fancy them really. I like all kinds, shapes and sizes of dog, of course, not those dogs with galis, e.g. Askals (Asong-Kalye).

Last time, I posted that we went to Baguio. We specifically visited Mine’s View.

Douglas with my co-faculty Ms. Maricel, Sir Reggie, Ms. Eva, Ms. Janet, Ms. Agnes, and me

Douglas and I

Also, we went to the famous Baguio Wagwagan (Ukay-Ukay of Manila)

At the Mansion, we were allowed by the Presidential Security Guard (PSG) to take pictures up until the road leading to the driveway, kaya ganyan kalayo ang kuha namin sa The Mansion.

Baguio Botanical Garden has alot of big statues like this one on the back. There were also some indigenous people sitting on the side of the road, ready for an photo-opportunity from tourist like us, at the rate of Php 10/head. We actually considered taking a picture with them, but they wont take no for two of them only.

And Sir Reggie’s loving the girl:

Picture Perfect

Sisters in pink and praying: They were locked up in their convent with metal bars separating their praying quarters with guest and visitors. And they’re in PINK!

Outside and posing in the Pink Sisters Convent

I really love Baguio. I told my self that I would return to City if I wanted to settle down for good. Hehehe… Ang drama noh!


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