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First Month Assessment for SY 2007-2008

Posted on: July 5, 2007

It is the first week of July, and a lot of things happened already. But before I continue the school year for the school year 2007-2008, here are some of my general thoughts or comments for the entire Second Years that I am handling.

Every month, I will be posting (as much as I can) my general assessment for each section that I am handling. For the first month, here is the list:

Bridget: Ahh! My advisory class. I noticed that they are a bit passive on their academic classes. I just hope that would improve, I really want them to excel in their classes. In terms of school-wide activities or year level activities, Bridget is the most active class.

A little aloof with me, since I have been strict to them for the first week (orientation week.) I feel that this class is tense with me and reluctant to answer during my lessons. That, I would feel, would really really affect their class participation. I still need to talk to them what is the problem, its like that I cant establish proper rapport with them. I feel very sad for that, a bit disappointed with my self, actually. I think I need a different technique in handling them. That’s why I feel so sad and envy whenever they enjoy the company of other teachers.

General assessment for the first month: Generally peaceful, but needs a little encouragement, while no big clashes that happened — yet, no anecdotal records, and negative commentaries from their subject-teachers, there isn’t much fuss about them too. But being a peaceful class does not mean a good class. They should show their preferences or inclinations to what their teachers are allowing them to choose.

Aniello: I am having a hard time to describe Aniello. It’s not that they don’t make any impression to me, but they have a mix descriptions that is hard to explain (this is the last class that I have noted in this blog, natapos ko na ang 4 sections, ang Aniello, last kong nagawa.)

Our sessions proceed so smoothly, with a liberal dose of laughs, courtesy of a student. Aside from having that one, the rest is good. I am challenged with this class since I often deliver a new lecture to them before everybody else. This is where I usually get some “dead points”, the class and I are both thinking how to make the class lively, during these times, I am sticking to my lesson outline, therefore, I give this class a straightforward lessons. Even though nangangapa ako in this class, they are trying to help me with the lesson, and in making the class more lively.

General Assessment: They are middle-class section in terms of academics (as of our first month) and in behaviors and conduct. Their inclination will not show up in the coming weeks if they continue their present status, playing the safe side, but if pushed to limit, their preference would show up. That now depends on their reactions to the task that I, and their subject teachers will provide.

Leonard: Very challenging class. The top ten students in the second year class are in here, hence, the honor class. But that doesn’t mean this class is such a boring one, a challenge academically-wise, and conduct-wise.

This class is the most active, so far, in all the classes that I handle – again a challenge to sustain that energy and interest in the subject. That now falls in the teacher’s way to handle them – to initiate new a teaching path different to other sections. But their activeness may some time get overhand, therefore, some control and restraints are need to get the class back on track.

General Assessment: Intellectual, but a bit naughty. This section is not the typical intellectual-boring section, but the way that they handle their behavior may not be as typical as they are. Their intelligence is not just academic side, but on all nine multiple intelligences.

Margaret: The hyper-active class. They have already acquired 2 faults in my class: One if being late from Physical Education class, the other: they did not bother to show-up from their Science Laboratory class. Another fault means that the whole class will be sent to the Discipline Officer for proper punishment.

Aside from those, I really have a good teaching atmosphere in this class, they may have common sense, that is really a needed virtue in Social Studies/History studies, but academically, they are lagging in their lessons, much needed to concentrate in their A.P. Classes.

General Assessment: Riot. This class has the notorious misbehaving students, that is the reason why the most terror teacher in the Second Year was placed in this class, but instead of being restrained, they becomes wild when their adviser is not around or looking.

Veronica: One of those nice, quiet sections until you get them excited. Then they just become wild, rowdy animals.

Since this class is an inclined-to-misbehavior class, a little persuasion to squeeze their answer from them is much needed. But when you get the “spot” of the class, they becomes an academically active class, even those students that usually you don’t expect to answer, but then, they give much insights and accurate answers that the teacher really needs. This class also has the student that had researched correctly my assignment about the topographical divisions of Asia.

General Assessment: Veronica is a restrained class, but if fueled, they explode. They can be as sleepy as they can be, or can be a wet market.


This batch of students will be in my heart, ngayon pa lang. This is the first batch that I will be handling for the whole school year, and that I can really see their expected improvements and maturity. Batch 2010 is a batch to look forward to, even if they have already graduated and has their own life past high school. They have a different vibrant vibe that would always say, “I am interested in you / your class or batch”.

If anyone of my students read this, I just want to say that I am inspired to teach your batch and be the best, because I know that there is a great future ahead of all the members of this batch.

Next time, a little go-over with the coverage of my lesson for the past month.


8 Responses to "First Month Assessment for SY 2007-2008"

Hey! Good luck on your first batch for a full year! I can imagine that this is really an exciting time for you as it was for me back then. (Which wasn’t too long ago anyway. Hehe.) I still remember being so excited for every session, with too many ideas and ambitions for the year. It took me a while to learn how to rein it all in, focus, and yet keep the fire burning. I can see that you have much love and passion for our work, so please carry on!

I remember you dropping a comment in one of my posts a while back. I think you were asking about what I do when I don’t deliver ‘straight-forward lectures’. That question actually stopped me on my tracks since, to be honest, I don’t know where to start.

All I can say is that my philosophy on lectures is to deliver them when I want to bring things together towards the end of a lesson. I really spend a lot of time motivating them and generating interest in my lessons through games, websites, movies and readings of primary sources. After which, we review all the activities we’ve done and I point out to them how they have been “learning without learning”. I make them realize that in doing these different activities, they have actually learned a lot already. And then I deliver a lecture to give some structure to everything.

For example, I began the year with the beginnings civilization, specifically the shift from hunter-gathering to food-producing. Before which we identified the regions of Asia, had a simulation of hunter-gathering to food-producing (an in-class game similar to Civilization), an overview of recent trends in the study of history and finally, I shared a story about an Aeta community and the interference of GK.

Those seemingly disjointed activities led to several key questions: (a) Why is Asia so diverse?, (b) Why do some societies have more advantages than others? and (c) What can history tell us about this?

Then I began to lecture with the objective of answering each question. We utilized the framework of Jared Diamond in “Guns, Germs and Steel” to discuss some interesting nuances as to why some societies shift to food-producing while others do not. We ended with noting the broad pattern of how a growing population compels people to settle down and thus form more complex societies. That last note then became my jumping point to exploring the first civilizations in Mesopotamia, Indus Valley and China.

Right now, we are watching documentaries and surfing websites on the three civilizations. In our next lecture, we start asking the question about what makes a large population into a civilization. And this inevitably leads me to my next major topic which is the history of religion.

So that’s it. While that is the pattern I try to sustain, I still admit to delivering a lecture every now and then “just to get things done”. None the less, the manner I have described has been really effective for me as it sustains my students’ interest and places the emphasis on discovery. It also continues to challenge me and keeps the fire burning.

With that, I wish you and your students the best. I look forward to how your story unfolds. See you around the blogosphere!

sir. sorry sa mga ginawa namin.

kuya charles!!!

(says hi to sir martin! :D)

musta na??? cool naman teacher ka na.

magkaka-eb pa ba? ongapala okay na kami ni rommel… sige haihai! 😀

sir charles..!! c maiza toh from veronica..!! hehehe.. awwww… sir na touch ako dun sa conclusion…hehehe.. pero sir..promise..isa kau sa pinaka gusto kong teacher! ang bait nyo poh kasi eh..hehehe..sana poh magustuhan nyo ung stay nyo poh d2 sa imma… and sana poh teacher ulit nmin kau next year…! cge poh… 🙂


..xtha po..!! namn po..nice 1 sir..!! amn po cpg u aman po gmwa nito..!!

..gud luck po..!!

..pag pa2loy mo po 2..!!

..eow po..!!

..sana po mgng close p po teo..!!

..d k namn po nagng strict sa 1 wk of clss e..!!

..b8 u nga po e..!!

hi sir ,, c ayet cosuco poh toh frm veronica .. haha! .. nyc line sir .. Veronica: One of those nice, quiet sections until you get them excited. Then they just become wild, rowdy animals.

wahaha! ,, grbe sir ntwa poh aq .. hehe .. animals b? ,, xori poh sir kng mxado kming maligalig .. haha! .. :)) tnk u poh s mhbang pxnxa xmin .. geh sir .. ingat poh ..

Togodoinks! Naligaw lng at napabasa lng aq d2.. ahihihi.. Merry Christmas! (^^,)

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