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Random Thoughts 5

Posted on: July 20, 2007

Been working, very busy with work. My day starts at 5:00 am, work at 6:30 am up to 5:00 pm.  Arrives at home at around 6:30 pm, and sleeps at around 9:30 pm. No time for leisure.


I am a member of the (unofficial) Faculty Badminton Team of Immaculate Heart of Mary College. We have our session every Saturday 7:00 am upto 12:00 noon. After that, we go to school, and do lesson planning, score recording, and other stuffs that I need to do.


Just finished my student’s periodical test. My 5-page, 120 items test consist of different test type and a map test. Just hope all my students would pass.


I am planning to start Imma’s History Club, although this is still a drawing. Hope students will support it.


I’ve watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last saturday with some of my co-faculty members. Next week, The Simpsons Movie with some of my students. (Wish no one would question the ethical norms)


2 Responses to "Random Thoughts 5"

pls. check my site. you’ve just been tagged by me 🙂 god bless!

sir !.. ang haba nmn ng test!.. hehe.. *peace!.. ^_^V

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