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Charles’ Reviews: The Simpsons Movie

Posted on: July 30, 2007

Ok. I think, I have already build up the fact that I am a Cinemaniac, I can watch 5 movies straight in a day. But I haven’t stated the fact that I am a Simpsons fan too. So, that’s it.

I have really worked out my schedule for me to watch this movie. Since the trailer was shown, I have made up my mind that I will definitely see this movie – – and I have, with some of my good students.

Anyway, in a question of ethics, I don’t care. I have forgotten my stature as their teacher while watching this movie, since I have laughed out (very very) loud. Nagulat nga sila eh.. Hehehe.. But they haven’t seen the best (and worst) laugh from me.

Anyway, the much anticipated Simpsons Movie brought surprises and disappointments with some viewers. After 400 episodes, you think that there won’t be enough storyline that can cover a full-length movie. In the course of this 125-minute movie, you would definitely feel the difference between an ordinary episode from this one.

From the introduction – the lost of the usual couch scene, and the psychology of the chalkboard joke, and the Green Day concert – to the unfolding of the plot, and the big D’ohs of Homer, and Bart’s frontal nudity, the momentum isn’t sustained. There are some points where you would really laugh out loud, and some points to get (small) yawns.

The plot, although, is time. Its about the environment. The topic that would really excite Lisa Simpson, and would definitely bore Homer and Bart. Some elements in this movie, you can see it in the regular Simpson episode.

Overall, the movie is good. This one, you can say, is an ordinary Simpson episode, stretched enough to make a 125-minute event. That it’s a movie that didn’t have to be made and that movies of TV shows rarely turn out great anyway. Lastly, since Homer (speaking to the audience) laid it all down nicely for everyone at the opening scene, no one has the right to bitch about anything.

The Simpsons Movie Trailer:


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