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Of Bridget and I (Part I)

Posted on: August 1, 2007

It has been two months since I handled Bridget. I had received rather lot of feedbacks from other teachers, about the way I handle them.

Normal teacher-student relationship, is what you can call my status with my advisory class. It is barely the end of the First Quarter, and I am pushing myself to my students. ‘Was it correct?’, I ask my self. ‘Was it ethical?’ Maybe, I am too used to ethics, so I can’t connect myself to them, or them to me. ‘So, was it me?’. I wish not.

Sure. Sometimes, I get mad with them, again, it is normal. But I am trying to configure what would be the best way to handle 43 students with 7 years gap from me. I may not be the ‘best’ adviser, but I am giving my best for them. But being so perfectionist, my best would never be enough for me. Would it be for them? I wish.

Sometimes, what I could transcribe to be my ‘best’ turns out to become a negative feedback to them. Take for an instance, I caught them playing with chalks. Almost half of the class admitted to that. I did not point out each student, but I generalized. I just let my students stay if they feel they are guilty.

Anyway, to make the story short: I had written a remark to their diary, lifting my previous sanction of 1 month clean-up for those who are guilty. One student remark in a friendster account:

Posted 26/07/2007 05:30

hahahaha!! ptawa kya pang bata lng ung remarks e noh?? hahahahaha!! PUT…. n joallen escartin n yn!! hahahahaha!! 🙂

and this one:

Posted 26/07/2007 05:59

hahahaha!! TAMAhhhhhhh hahahahah!! wawa n us.. 😦 nsulatan p tloy kme ng remarks n png priskul hahahaha!! 🙂

From the one that posted this comment, I was advised by his/her former teacher that I should look closely into his/her behavior. To say that his/her behavior may come to worst, I don’t know, but from what I observe in my class, she is quiet — apparently. But I learned, outside shell should not be the basis. You know what I mean.

Some of them may not enjoy me as their adviser, but from time-to-time, they will have to work with me. I may not replace the status of their former adviser’s importance to them (neither their former A.P. I teacher; btw, we were modestly and frequently compared), because I don’t have any intention, and I don’t want to replace them in their student’s heart.

Again, I may not be their ‘best adviser’, but I want to be one of their friend. Seriously.


5 Responses to "Of Bridget and I (Part I)"

hi sir!.. sir..klala ko kung knino ung comments…

hehehe.. quiet ka lang..

is phoebe one of your student?

ayos lang yan, hope you’ll get all along.

yup, baylon, she is…

sir. aus ung pic! nandun ung frend k c P.S.

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