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Emo: Maskman

Posted on: August 9, 2007

Of course, I remember being a child. And those childhood memories includes some favorite TV shows that I have watch. One of which is Mask Man.

I was browsing YouTube for some funny videos to add a part 3 of my Amazing Videos collection (1) (2), when I accidentally bump upon this Mask Man’s opening and ending videos. Incidentally, there are rumors that ABS-CBN will revive/remake these famed super sentai.


6 Responses to "Emo: Maskman"

I love Hikari Sentai Maskman! ^^

Revive! Not remake! Oh please, not another remake!

aahh.. maskman… i love to see them again on tv! meaning revive! i dont want another remake… baka sabihin ng gma7 nanggagaya ang abs-cbn for their shaider remake with marky cielo! wag na… tama na ang gma 7… wala kasi silang mga creative minds eh!

Astig! Gusto yung original na maskman! aus lng sakin kung i-remake nila, Don’t worry yung ABS-CBN prang kasama nman nila cguro ung japan mazda sentai(read from a website) eh yung GMA7 nman hindi yata pinayagan bilhin ung rights ng Shaider kya wla ng Shaider…

sir ! astig ! heheheheheh .. :))

FYI Mask Man and Shaider are both owned by TOEI. If they didn’t grant GMA the right to remake Shaider, I bet they wouldn’t do the same with ABS for Mask Man. They might as well buy the series and dub them again in tagalog. If not, I’d rather watch my dvd with english subs. Urgh!

ma impluwensiya ang abs cbn. kaya pwede silang payagan sa rights nung maskman.

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