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First 50 – Repost

Posted on: August 17, 2007

First posted last January 4, 2007

A friend tagged me about “50 firsts”.

Make a list of your 50 firsts (movie, subject you failed, bf/gf, kiss, underwear, blue jeans etc.) Do not include “firsts and onlys”.

1. first movie seen: Beaches (love this movie)
2. first carnival ride: Catterpillar (during school fairs nung elementary ako sa Paco Catholic School)
3. first fave subject: Recess (HighSchool jokes*)
4. first cellphone: Nokia 3210, Third Year High School
5. first gimmick: BedRock, Malate, Manila
6. first branded backpack: JanSport
7. first subject that i failed/incomplete: Plane Trigonmetry (college, nung nag-ambisyon ako na maging Math major!)
8. first friend online: angeluz and pheonix_cutez30 (ng ABS-CBN forums)
9. first chatmate: Gee and Benj (PBBFG Season 3)
10. first branded shoes: nike & reebok
11. first girlfriend: Franz (forgot her surname – sa pandacan, manila pa ito, around 6-7 years 0ld ako nun)
12. first celebrity seen in flesh: Toni Gonzaga (sa Tapat ng Bahay ni Kuya)
13. first fave song: “Like a Rose” by A1
14. first fave teleserye: “Mula sa Puso” (Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan)
15. first teleserye na iniyakan: Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay

16. first teleseye that I’ve missed the premier episode: Spirits

first teleserye that I’ve missed the ending: Marina
first fave anime: BTX
first brand of pc: Samsung
20. first activity online game that I joined: PBBFG Season 3
21. first na natutunan iluto: hotdog and egg

22. first cd owned: A1 “Here We Are”

23. first outing na walang kasama na kamag anak: KLO Leadership Training Seminar sa Laguna September 2003
24. first EB: December 28, 2006 with CHARLES, MARGE, MICA and GEE…
25. first serious ambition: to be the President of the Philippines
26. first kiss: di ko matandaan yung name eh, 6-7 years old ako nun
27. first fave color: blue
28. first gimmik: sa Malate, 4th Year High School
29. first starbucks: Alabang
30. first group name: Justillence (talked about it here)
31. first bestfriend: Not-Not (we’ve lost contact years ago.)
32. first time to wear glasses: Third year High School
33. first landline number: 50-83-18 (6 digits pa nun)
34. first lucky number: 23
35. first province visited: Albay
36. first time to sing infront of many people: C.A.T.-1 Christmas Party Singing Contest
first song that I’ve sang infront of many people: “I Will Be Here” of Gary V.
38. first dance on promenade: Elizabeth Jorquia
39. first article to be published on a school paper: “Superstitions” in The Lyceean
40. first winning song piece:
“I Will Be Here” of Gary V.
41. first movie that I’ve cried over: “Beaches”
42. first movie that I’ve watched over 10 times: Home Alone 1
43. first e-mail address: (ginagamit ko padin ito hanggang ngaun)

44. first toy robot: Voltes 5
45. first organization: Kawan Leaders Organization
46. first academic achievement: Salutatorian during Kindergarten
first person that I have talked to for more than 5 hours : Rachelle Duque, classmate ko nung High School
48. first website managed:
49. first favorite pasta: Spaghetti, which I can eat all week long
50. first banned movie in the Philippines that I saw:
“Live Show” or “Toro”, directed by Joey Reyes


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Charles Lemark Viloria is a 20-year old graduate of the Philippine Normal University with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in History. He currently resides at Parañaque City and teaches at Immaculate Heart of Mary College.
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