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Of Bridget and I (Part 2)

Posted on: September 1, 2007

Maybe I am too emotional, but I am way too much affected with my students’ joys and problems. This is an advantage of a fresh graduate, “immature” teacher. Ehem, excuse me…Now, I have two students, who I can say, is the closest to personality. I tend to see myself in them, a similarity that I cannot shrug off easily. One very bright student, but does not have focus on his/her work. The other, a student who needs academic help. The two of them, and their classmates are spoiled in my classes. That is a simple advantage of having a teacher, who understands them, having just graduated from college, and still very “immature”. There are times that people tend to see themselves in others.

Back to these two, I am well aware that I do have “sort of favoritism”. I, myself, is a confessed teacher’s pet since my kindergarten days. But as much as possible, I avoid that. From my experience, it is not good, and is unhealthy for the student’s social development.

The first one, a very bright, yet challenging one. I can understand why he/she is acting such a child, because he/she is still a child, but that doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t need focus right now. He/She may well be in the running for the Honor List of their batch this year, but this is still unconfirmed. If he/she will continue what he/she is doing this quarter, he/she will definitely be out of the running for the list. I actually defended this one to got the required grade that will make him/her a candidate, but depends on negotiations.

Once, we talked about his/her problem. I didn’t have any intention to blurt out my emotions, but I just can’t help to shred a tear while talking to this one. Luckily, he/she didn’t notice that I just became teary-eyed.

While the other, as I have said, needs help, academically, that is. I can describe this student to be reserved, needs much attention and care. I can see that his/her case is sensitive. His/her mother personally asked me (?!?!) to look after him/her during school hours.

One of my co-teacher, a senior one, advised me not to attach myself to my students, after see me crying because of my student/s. I cannot help myself being too attach to my students, because, basically, I can see myself as a student too. A student that is learning, not the lessons inside the classroom, but the lessons of life, an over-used excuse for those who always wanted an answer in his questions that has no definite answers.

God knows how I love my students, but pushing them to be their best did not perceived to be the best solution to some problems that the people don’t want to solve anyway.

Lesson Learned: Teachers like to push, but students hate it. Teachers are just mere guide for student’s success, we do not create their successes for them.

Note for my students who are actually reading this blog: This is a personal blog (online journal), any commentaries I give / post here is for personal usage only.

3 Responses to "Of Bridget and I (Part 2)" touching nmn..uhmm..cno ung dalawa??..haha..cge..huhulaan ko nlang.. 😀

your co-teacher is correct… you shouldnt attached yourself too much to your students… this is one of the reasons why teachers have favorites… i know we are only human and we feel sympathy to our students especially with their problems academically… but of course, teachers should cross the boundaries of teacher-students relationship.. just giving my two cents…

i know them! 😛 Lol. Sir, tulungan moko mag-isip ng bagong blogname. 😀 haha. joke. 😛

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