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Meme: Hate, Hate, Hate

Posted on: October 14, 2007

1. Food I hate: Curry (Any kind of dish with curry sauce)
2. Fruits I hate: pears, peaches, blueberries, etc.
3. Vegetables I hate: Okra
4. Celebrities/people I hate: Mga maaarte at mga palengkera
5. Event/situation/incident that I hate: Being compared with other people, and being backstabbed
6. TV show/movie that I hate: Heavy Drama Koreanovelas
7. Music that I hate: Heavy Metal Rock
8. Household chore that I hate: Cleaning the Toilet
9. Things that you hate about yourself: Being lazy and too arrogant, torpe and snubbish

I tag… anyone who’d like to do this thing. >.<

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1 Response to "Meme: Hate, Hate, Hate"

Why do you hate pears and peaches?! 😮
Love ko kaya mga yun… Anyways, I love cleaning our toilet.. Ewan, gusto ko kasi laging malinis before I use it. Either shower or you know na!! *lolz*

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Charles Lemark Viloria is a 20-year old graduate of the Philippine Normal University with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in History. He currently resides at Parañaque City and teaches at Immaculate Heart of Mary College.
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