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Meme: Hate, Hate, Hate

Posted on: October 14, 2007

1. Food I hate: Curry (Any kind of dish with curry sauce)
2. Fruits I hate: pears, peaches, blueberries, etc.
3. Vegetables I hate: Okra
4. Celebrities/people I hate: Mga maaarte at mga palengkera
5. Event/situation/incident that I hate: Being compared with other people, and being backstabbed
6. TV show/movie that I hate: Heavy Drama Koreanovelas
7. Music that I hate: Heavy Metal Rock
8. Household chore that I hate: Cleaning the Toilet
9. Things that you hate about yourself: Being lazy and too arrogant, torpe and snubbish

I tag… anyone who’d like to do this thing. >.<

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1 Response to "Meme: Hate, Hate, Hate"

Why do you hate pears and peaches?! 😮
Love ko kaya mga yun… Anyways, I love cleaning our toilet.. Ewan, gusto ko kasi laging malinis before I use it. Either shower or you know na!! *lolz*

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