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Why is Halloween better than Sex?

Posted on: October 31, 2007

Why is Halloween better than Sex?
1. You’re guaranteed to get a little something in the sack.
2. The uglier you are, the easier it is to get some.
3. It doesn’t matter if the kids hear you moaning and groaning.
4. Less guilt the morning after.
5. It doesn’t matter if they fantasize you’re somebody else, because
you are.
6. Forty years from now, you’ll still enjoy candy.
7. If you don’t get what you want, you can always go next door.
8. If you get tired, you can wait 10 minutes and go again.
9. You don’t have to compliment the person who gives you some.
10. You can do the whole neighborhood!!

Happy Halloween!

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2 Responses to "Why is Halloween better than Sex?"

haha thats great!

it totally makes sense!!!!! feel great minus the STD!!!!

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