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Of Bridget and I (Part 3)

Posted on: November 2, 2007

INSECURITY. Now I know what the term is.

It has been really a great first semester for me as a teacher and as a class adviser. My students are participating well, and been really friendly – an overkill. If you have read my post entitled “Hate”, you’ll probably had the slightest idea why this post will go round-about with that one.

Anyway, sometimes, I wonder if I a ‘good’ teacher. I am not expecting to be the “great” teacher that I envisioned myself to be. That would be so “hambog” on my part. Still, part of me wants to get that insecurity out, part wants it to stay – to challenge me always: to be better.

BRIDGET. The class that I adore or hate?

Everyone says, that Bridget is the most behave, quiet class – and I’m proud of it. I have already made this point in one of my previous post. But if you know me personally, I am not the type of person who would be satisfied with whats being served. I want more, I want the best, I want those that will impress everybody – kahit ng mga di nakakakilala. That means I am not easily satisfied with what they are showing. I have already pointed this one out as early as June, they are passive.

Now, not only passive, but also non-existent, boring and lifeless class that would not act if addressed as whole, so better make a mental note to your self if you need them to things for you, address them personally – individually.

Okay, that was exaggerated – but you get the general view of the class. I have some students that participates well, some are responsible, and some are life of the class – but not enough life that would make the class more alive and kicking ass.

Still, some of them may not enjoy me as their adviser, but from time-to-time, they will have to work with me, and to their classmate.

This is where I usually get some “dead points”, the class and I are both thinking how to make the class lively, during these times, I am sticking to my lesson outline, therefore, I give this class a straightforward, boring, and less-participative lessons, whereas if I give lesson to other class, I can joke things that would make them all on their knees – like Juday-ism.

Back to my first assessment to them: Generally peaceful, but needs a little encouragement, while no big clashes that happened — yet, no anecdotal records, and negative commentaries from their subject-teachers, there isn’t much fuss about them too. But being a peaceful class does not mean a good class. They should have shown their preferences months ago.

PLUS. Commentaries about other sections:

Aniello. Good class participation, class atmosphere and everything, expect, of course for those pasaway students like Winston Bonsol and Julian Nones. Bryan, Mika and Lizzie always makes me smile big time.

Leonard. Still very good class standing, although some would fail me. The best of the best, the cream of the crops (Katrina, Veronica, Jason and the others.) I just hope they would not get infested with the virus that some had acquired “already”. Casualty: 2

Margaret. The hyperactive class where I could get a lesson stretch for days because of the so-many side comments that we have for each other, like a lot of laughs, questions and some tell-offs. But I appreciate this class – very lively .

Veronica. If I have a class to look forward to, its this class. Sadly, we never meet every Mondays, that would make the start of my week with a lot of fun. The likes of Ruel, Excel, Jomar, JP, Juancho, Saulog, Sota, and others.

3 Responses to "Of Bridget and I (Part 3)"


hi sir!!musta na po??cnu may casualty samin??secret mo lang po ba yon??wahehe..anyway…belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!tumatanda na tau..ahihihi 😀

kapuso….hanggang sa blog mo ba naman eh may bahid pa rin ng kalokohan mo!!! hehehehe…..mis u powh!!!

super belated happy birthday nga pala!!!!
stay safe…and healthy….

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