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Life begins at 21!!!

Posted on: November 23, 2007


NOVEMBER 23, 2007 – I’m celebrating my 21st birthday today!

At sobrang daming nangyari sa araw na ito!

First of all, I want to say a big THANK YOU sa mga bumati sa akin, at sa mga estudyante ko na talaga namang naghanda sa aking araw! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Second, Life Begins at 21! Sabi nga nila, it’s a man’s debut! Hehehe, so, what would I do that I have already achieved this much?!?!

Hehehe, how did I celebrate my birthday, not much but it started with a visit to the Lord. Syempre, iba na ang teacher ng isang Catholic School. And I just gave a blow out sa mga co-faculty ko, with an order from Amber Restaurant. Then, at the afternoon, we had some fun with my students, na nagpunasan ng mga chocolate icing sa kanilang mga mukha (at sa akin din, syempre, nakipunas din ako!)

(Watch out for the part 2 of this, with some of flashes of my personal history)


3 Responses to "Life begins at 21!!!"

.. sir, we had fun [and icing].. xD cake mu un?.. ang cute nmn.. 🙂 ..again, hapi 21st!.. 😀

Happy Birthday sir Charles! 🙂

haha. :)) ang dungis natin dun. parang yagit lng. :)) :))

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Charles Lemark Viloria is a 20-year old graduate of the Philippine Normal University with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in History. He currently resides at Parañaque City and teaches at Immaculate Heart of Mary College.
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