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Coffee and History

Posted on: December 11, 2007

Coffee was once forbidden by Christian priests!? Once upon a time the coffee was known as the “Drink of the Devil” so pinagbawalan ng mga Roman priest ang paginom nito. Kung sanctified daw ang wine at ginagamit sa Holy Communion, at ang coffee ay pwedeng non-sanctified substitute sa wine at mas nakakabaliw daw ng utak ang kape (hindi pa nila dati naiintindihan ang effects ng caffeine), drink of the ‘anti-Christ’ daw ito! Hahaha!

Coffee aficionados claim that the spread of its popularity is due to Pope Clement VIII‘s influence. Being pressured by his advisers to declare coffee the “bitter invention of Satan” because of its popularity among Muslims, he instead declared that, “This devil’s drink is so good… we should cheat the devil by baptizing it.” It is not clear whether this is a true story.


So blessed pala ang coffee na iniinom natin! Kaya for most Christians, they drink coffee for their daily consumption. Good Morning, let’s drink!

‘Yan ang religious history ng coffee! Coffee has a part in our history.

AND! Did you know guys…

In Lipa, they planted the First Coffee Tree in the Philippines!
The city of Amadeo naman is the “Coffee Capital” of the Philippines!


And did you know that caffeine has the ability to make your stomach produce more acid?! So guys, don’t drink too much coffee kung di pa kayo kumakain.



OOOPPPSSS!! Wait! There’s more!


Did you know guys that the right way of drinking coffee is you have to zip it with the a sound, in that way it makes the coffee more ‘coffeeish’ and it helps spread the oozing taste in your taste buds.


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