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Simbang Gabi

Posted on: December 16, 2007

Kahit minsan, hindi pa ako nakakumpleto ng siyam na araw ng Simbang Gabi. Well, just to think of it, hindi pa nga ako nakakapagsimbang gabi. This is the first time that i have decided to go to Simbang Gabi. And it was great! Pero, I think it will be hard for me to go to Mass at 4:30 am. But I will, as much as possible, try to complete the Mass.

Anyway, I haven’t slept last night, waiting for the Mass, and spending the off with texting one of my student, Ronald from II-Veronica. We finished at around 3:00, and I prepared for the Mass. The Mass that I took was at Mary, Queen of the Apostles Parish Church.

Here are some of the decorations that the Parish Church of Mary, Queen of Apostles had for the anticipation of the Dawn Masses, and of course, for the Advent and Christmas Season.

Above: Belen of the Holy Family, on top of the Entrance Roof of the Church


Above: Entrance of the Church Building. (The Parish Church itself is located in its own Parish Compound, inside our subdivision)


Above: The giant Christmas Tree made out of colored light bulbs outside of the Church building.


Above: A close-up shot of the Belen in the Church’s Altar. Shot after the Mass

Although, it is unethical, I tried to take some pictures using my phone inside the church, while the Celebration of the Mass is on going.














Above: Here, the main celebrant was an Italian Priest of P.I.M.E. Below: Hundreds of people attended the First of the Nine Dawn Masses. And the number of people diminishes each morning. I hope that I would complete that Nine Masses.


Extra: One of the houses in our subdivision has a very cute Christmas design. This one below.



3 Responses to "Simbang Gabi"

haha.. ang cute nung gift na puno.. :)) ..

gusto ko ganun din yung bahay namin. 😀 regaloooo. 😀 wahaha.

wow! gusto ko ung plant na ginawang regalo as decor.. wahehhehe… merry christmas and happy new year sau!!!

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