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Good Haul this Christmas

Posted on: December 21, 2007

Last Wednesday was my first Christmas Party as an adviser and as a teacher. I was so excited, and prepared myself for the party. But I was not prepared for what surprised me. Really, a good haul this year.

Students from my school were really generous. I was very surprised that they give alot for me, with the understanding that they don’t actually fancy me too much, and sometimes I get too nippy on them. But hey, I thank them.

See, I told you, its a good haul this year. These pile of gifts are on my table. After the party upstairs in my classroom, I came back to the faculty, and was surprised to see this much pile of gifts. I really don’t expect too much.

But of course, Christmas is not only about gifts, but it is about sharing the love that we have for each other. Besides the gift-giving, the food-sharing, the parties, Christmas is all about love, kindness, and the purity of Jesus’ heart that would take us to salvation.

Let us remind ourselves that each of us are gift to each other. That, as God’s creation, we all owe him the best present, our lives.

When I came home, I was so excited with all the gifts that I unwrapped them. What I received are some clothes; a lot of mugs; body sprays from Bench, Oxygen and Penshoppe; a Nike bag; face towels; and some school and office supplies, like organizer-planner, calendar, and a ballpen holder.

Also, I received some perishable goods, such as a pack of Mekeni Picnic hotdog, from the parents of a distributor of the hotdog brand; a home made brownies; a Belloni red wine; a big pack of fruit cake, and some chocolates. Still good haul.

Noe, of course, I got some gifts that really confuses me. Someone gave me an egg-shaped jewelry holder, a bracelet for females, and a necklace, with a ring as its pendant. Still, I thank them, but I think, I won’t use them forever, so I gave them to my cousin.

But what really got me excited was this some kind of swiss knife, but with a built in spoon and fork, that can be used conventionally anytime. This gift tops this year’s favorite Christmas present.

So, very good haul this year.

Merry Christmas, and a Grace-filled New Year to all!

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