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Subjunctive in EDSA II

Posted on: January 21, 2008

I have been interested in this article of PDI today. And it coincides with the celebration of EDSA II People Power this week.

My first reaction: Was there a conspiracy theory in the EDSA II? Ok. Ok. But maybe I was too bit of a fan of conspiracy theories. Well, the next thing I thought of was the effects of what had happened, in terms of subjunctive history telling.

First, what is subjunctive history? Maybe defined in layman’s terms, as what will be the other timeline if the other thing happened? S0, a basic “what if?”

Second, the article, talks about the opposition of the Vatican City for the Philippine Catholic Church to interfere with the EDSA II. Well, as we all know, what happened is brought about by the involvement of the late great Cardinal Sin. He asked all people “to stand by what is good, to defeat the evil”. He also expressed “there is only 1 immoral President, and 11 shameless Senators”

So, if Cardinal Sin, followed the orders of the Vatican, though did not directly came from the late Pope John Paul II, we would definitely have different outcome. Remember, Cardinal Sin was the light of the morals, he guided us even if he was not physically there (he was faltering at this point of history, though still managed to come to some important points). What if there was no other moral guide to lead the people during the People Power? Would the people have stayed put in the streets, day and night, for 4 to almost 5 days?

As some sociologist and political analyst assessed. No. EDSA II would be a failure, much like the same course that the two Trillanes coup have resulted. What lacked in Sen. Antonio Trillanes attempts to pull down the Arroyo administration is the likes of Cardinal Sin.

Let us go back in time. Cardinal Sin was the prominent mover of EDSA I.  Even former President Corazon Aquino once or had always acknowledge Cardinal Sin’s pivotal role in the call of EDSA People Power. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, thanked the whole church, lead by Cardinal Sin, in “assisting the Philippines through a transition”. President Arroyo, also in May 1, 2001 Labor Day Rebellion, also “thanked the church for not conniving with the rebels”, and so on…

President Estrada, on the other hand, accused Cardinal Sin together with the elite group, of conspiring for his removal from the office, without the help of the Cardinal, he would not have been removed.

The  Vatican’s order might have changed the outcome of the anti-Estrada uprising. EDSA II could have failed, or it could have become bloody, if not for the unwaving support and decision of the late Cardinal


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