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A Poem for my Students

Posted on: March 14, 2008

For two hours, I’ve cried,
For two hours, I’ve soared,
For a thing that I anticipated the most,
For the event, that I never wanted to happen

I am not emotional,
Neither am I sentimental
But crying is a way for my heart to mend
And for me to start loving you all.

I want to say “thank you”,
I want to say “I love you”
I want to say “I am proud of you”
But words aren’t just enough to express everything.

Salamat sa lahat,
Salamat sa isang taon,
Salamat sa mga alaala,
Salamat, maraming Salamat!


7 Responses to "A Poem for my Students"

aww.. sir!.. nakakaiyak ung poem nyo!.. i’ll miss u sir.. superr tnx for everything.. 🙂 T_T

thank you rin po sir. 😀

maraming maraming salamat.

ay gaaaaa!! cge paiyakin mo lang ako ahh!! wag ka tumigil!!

sir charles !! .. gnda ng poem !! kainis kah ! .. hilig mu mgpaiyak !! …hmmp !!

?.. two hours?.. tagal hah.. :))

… ang ganda!!!!

wow!! that poem really inspires me a lot. thanks!

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