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March Right-hook Vengeance, and a stupid Bb Pilipinas Event

Posted on: March 20, 2008

I know, I know! For the past blog entries here, I have been posting a fairly stupid and worth-nothing entries. Heck! I am so tired and wasted with my work, that I can’t give enough time to update this blog and to personalize it the way it used to be. So, here I am and making a right hook vengeance to those people saying this blog is dead.

Anyway, school year just ended, Holy Week started last Monday, today is Holy Thursday, there’s no work, no students, and summer is in the house. That means, more time for myself, more time to blog around, and more time for some summer-loving fun! so, let’s start?!? I’ll do this one by one, post per post, and topic per topic. So read on!

Last week, a lot of buzz around this year’s laugh-trip, and controversy hounded Binibining Pilipinas, especially how once contestant, by the name of Janina San Miguel, flopped her answer (and controversially won the Bb Pilipinas World title) during the crucial Question and Answer portion. If you still haven’t seen the video, here it is

Instead of making it a disgraceful mark on the quality of Philippine Beauty (and obviously,  a must-have, Brains), it became a humor, laughing-stock of the Philippine society. The funny thing is, she had been leveled with the original spoof of Philippine Beauty contest, Ms. Melanie Marquez, while this Janina is still trying to convert this situation into an optimistic ray of hope.

Going back to memory lane, Ms Melanie Marquez, quoting her famous “long-legged” answer won the top prize title of Ms International 1979. And Ms Miriam Quiambao, where she slipped off the stage, and gracefully stood back, wooing her crowd, and using the fall to her advantage, gained the Ms Universe 1999 First Runner-Up.

Now as history had taught us, I hope (and pray) that Janina will use this experience to her advantage. Not being too sarcastic, but I am really, really, really (10000x) hope.

3 Responses to "March Right-hook Vengeance, and a stupid Bb Pilipinas Event"

hahah! funny.. funny.. she still deserves to win.. 🙂

sir tlga.. ahaha.. jowk.. haha.. atleast maganda sya.. hehehe.. xD 😀

. aii gaa .. pti bah nmn ung bb pilipinas pg33pan ?. tsk3 ..

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