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Random Thoughts 8

Posted on: May 4, 2008

Still on vacation mode, and super tinatamad ako. Wala talagang magawang matino.


My old crush is getting married this month. Pia, good luck and congratulations, hope you’re happy. Sana ninong ako sa baby mo!


Good thing, I’ve got my eyes on a new girl. No kiss and tell.


Boredom leads me to focus my creative sense and I’ve started to write a series that I called, “Angels and Demons”.


After I’ve finished Kyle XY, I’m now on the mood to watch Gossip Girl. Marathon na ito ng TV Series.. Next? The Tudors, time to become a history junk again, I used to be that.


I plan to take another professional licensing test within this year “Foreign Service Examination” so I can work in the Department of Foreign Affairs, and be a consul for our dear country.


I might leave teaching career if I make it as a consul. Hey! I like to travel to other countries, plus no worries for visas.


Oh yeah, regarding my teaching career, – – – just watch out in June. Its just that I am not the same as with last year’s.


To the incoming 3rd year students: You’ll be needing a World Map, and not a Philippine Economic Map. I know that the PEM is what is listed in your Requirements List, but trust me, you’ll need the World Map, not PEM.

3 Responses to "Random Thoughts 8"

hey!!! panu b mag-add ng blog roll? hehe xenxa n, bagong blogger lan aku weh… and omigosh!!!! cnu naman un girl n un???!!!! hmp!!! hahahaha

haha.. ‘no kiss and tell’ ?..
‘for our dear country’?
kyle XY T_T.. nde ko pa masyado lam ung X-girl.. tama b?.. haha..
gudluck po sa next batch ng students mo.. hehe.. sana kcing baet ng bridget!.. :))
ingat po sir.. :):)

dmi mong alam. :))

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