How to Blog an Exploding Man?


First Month Assessment for SY 2007-2008

Tourism in Baguio

Wendy Labas!

Updates (June 2007)

Do I need to celebrate Father’s Day?

Did you know?

Convenient Life in the Philippines

Educating High School

Pinoy Yata Ako!

Hell, PRC!

Full Service in Baguio


Watch ’em out!

Xtreme Guys Talk

Mocking “Heroes”

How I voted during Halalan 2007

Who are your TOP 3 Senators? (and you will vote for?)

What am I doing?

I confess that I am an addict

Charles’ Reviews: Spider Man 3

Harry-ing the 7th Book

Class Picture Batch 2007

Philippines: More than the Usual

Who are the 3 Senatoriables you won’t vote for?

Araw Natin ‘To!


Computer is wasted

Last Academic Day

Moderator na ako!

Unforgettable Teleserye Scenes

Graduation Ball

ABS-CBN Numero Uno (5)


ABS-CBN Numero Uno (4)

Random Thoughts 4

Pasaway na Kapatid. Concerned ako.

Team Unity PNUANS-PM Coalition

Blog Updates (February 2007)

Love is…

A Life of a Graduating Student

ABS-CBN Numero Uno (3)

Kain sa Tabi

January Birthdays

Star Sighting 2

Historical Deception

Who the Heck is Ederlyn?

Random Thoughts 3

Remembering EDSA Dos

Star Sighting

Are you on the List?

Sa Dulo ng Imahinasyon

Adik Sa’Yo

Dead Poets Society

Change of Theme

First 50

PBBFG Season 5

Happy 2007

Remembering 2006

italk2much Review

A Year of Blogging

First Day of Christmas Vacation

Christmas Meme

Amazing YouTube Videos Part 2

Fashion Show

Cha-Cha, Reming, Nicole, Chief Justice, Doha

Doha 2006

Job Hunting

Years of Friendship



40 days to go… Pasko na!

Monthly Report

Excuse Me for the Word

Facing the Dragons

Save the Cheerleader

Halloween Filipino Style

ABS-CBN Numero Uno

Poverty (Part 3): Corruption of the Young

Cying Out.

Emerging from my Haitus

Poverty Part 2

Poverty Part 1

Mirror of Erised


All Star PBBFG

Random Thoughts 2

This is ****!

Friday the 13th happenings


Birthday Greetings

Finishing Touches: I am a Teacher

10 ways to enjoy your worst weekend

worst weekend


3 Responses to "Archives"

Dear Charles,

I like your blog. You are also very good in your English. Continue with your blogging to share not only in the Philippines but also worldwide what you know and what your feelings are.

God bless all of us.

Best regards,
Aristeo Canlas Fernando, Peace Crusader and Echo
Motto: pro aris et focis
“The Internet is mightier than the sword.”

thanks for dropping by at my blog at blogdrive. medyo hindi ko n nga cya na-a-update eh. mas focused kc aq ngaun sa multiply ko. so qng gusto mo ng recent post, dun k n langn pumunta. tnx!

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