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It has become a big bang, and another great opportunity for me to become part of my student’s life again! And this time, it is with Batch 2011. Although I miss my Batch 2010, I can certainly say that I will enjoy this batch, (I hope).

I know that most of you were surprised when I gave a quiz on our very first day! Well, I just want to test your knowledge and your sense of nationalism since it was Independence Day. And I was happy to see that most of you passed the exam, although some failed. Tsk tsk tsk.

So, I hope that you will enjoy AP2 this year, as much as you enjoyed your AP1 with Miss Sally.

I’ll be posting my first assessment for each section next week.

Good Luck!


Half of Naga City submerged along with five eastern towns of the Bicol region, and between 20 million to 30 million turned into environment refugees across the Philippines.

Just read this article from

I can’t blog too much about this, it hurts

Still on vacation mode, and super tinatamad ako. Wala talagang magawang matino.


My old crush is getting married this month. Pia, good luck and congratulations, hope you’re happy. Sana ninong ako sa baby mo!


Good thing, I’ve got my eyes on a new girl. No kiss and tell.


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of KYLE XY – a SciFi hit series of ABC Family. Yes! Aside from my other TV habits like teleseryes, Heroes, the Simpsons, I have a new addiction this summer. Here’s a little background of Kyle XY from Wikipedia

Kyle XY is an American drama television series filmed in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. The show centers around a boy named Kyle (Matt Dallas), who wakes up in the forest outside of Seattle, Washington with no memory of his life up until that point. The series follows Kyle as he tries to understand the mysteries of who he is or why he has no memory of being a child. He is sometimes shown with his shirt partially off and no belly button can be seen.

Main Cast of the Show

  • Matt Dallas as Kyle Trager
  • Bruce Thomas as Stephen Trager
  • Marguerite MacIntyre as Nicole Trager
  • Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Josh Trager
  • April Matson as Lori Trager
  • Chris Olivero as Declan McDonough
  • Kirsten Prout as Amanda Bloom
  • Jaimie Alexander as Jessi Hollinder (Season 2+)

I am watching this is my portable DVD player because Studio 23 which airs the show here in the Philippines, canceled their schedule for the show, so now, I’ve been in my room watching it before I go to sleep.

And for additional: Other shows which I propped up into my DVD player:

  • the latest season of The Simpsons
  • the hit Koreanovela from ABS-CBN, Marrying a Millionaire
  • and one of my favorites TV shows today, The Original:Hana Kimi
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I’ll be attending this year’s iBlog4, considered as the Philippine’s Biggest Blogging Summit. iBlog4 will be held in Malcolm Theater, College of Law in UP Diliman this April 26, 2008.

Guest speakers includes a list of prominent non-pro and pro-bloggers such as Charo Nuguid, Juan Karlo Licudine, Juned Sonido, Jonas Diego, Aileen Apolo, Coy Caballes, Manuel L. Quezon III, Luz Rimban, Janette Toral, Noemi Lardizabal Dado, and Ria Jose.

You can find more information about the summit at their blog, plus the itinerary of events there.

See yah there!

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Last July, I posted in one of my blog entries the list of the New Seven Wonders of the World, which includes man-made monument from the old timer Pyramids of Egypt to the Ancient China’s Great Wall to the new world Christ the Redemeer of Brazil.

Now, another New 7 Wonders list is ongoing with an online voting determining who will fill-up the new list. But this time, the list will only include the Natural Wonders of the World. You may vote in their website thru the voting page.

And please, VOTE FOR THE PHILIPPINES’ REPRESENTATIVES in the Natural Wonders. They include the Tubbataha Reef, which can be located in Sulu Sea, Mayon Volcano in Bicol, and Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

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