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Half of Naga City submerged along with five eastern towns of the Bicol region, and between 20 million to 30 million turned into environment refugees across the Philippines.

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I can’t blog too much about this, it hurts


As I have already spread out in the first part of this post, there are many factors why the rice prices are going up, way up high. Personally, I believe that there is a rice shortage, unlike the statements of our government officials disputing the rice shortage as a myth.

The Philippines has been scrambling to boost stocks and supply cheap rice to the poor as rice prices soared to near-record levels in recent months amid increased demand, crop failures, a shift to biofuels production or other land uses, and poor investment in the farm sector. The Philippines imports about 10 percent of its domestic rice requirement. The problem with our culture system is that we always believe that we can buy rice in any country, at any price. But with the factors coming in, especially the population increase and effects of climate change, there are rice shortage looming.

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Rice is the most staple food in this country, where in every corner of this archipelago, people are looking for rice. We never thought that there would be a rice crisis – or shortage of rice production, – but here we are now, at the center of the rice crisis. The government spends about $0.46 in every $100 of agriculture output, a level much lower than those of developing countries, which spends $0.53 in every $100, and much much lower in highly industrialized countries at $2.00 in every $100.

Now, where is the Philippines in this picture? Let’s not pin-point the Philippines as the main culprit. But yes! We do have contributed in this crisis – and we are in the forefront of the crisis. But there are many other reasons why we do have this crisis.

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I have been interested in this article of PDI today. And it coincides with the celebration of EDSA II People Power this week.

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Yes! Two years na po kami ng aking Blog! At patuloy na tumatatag, dumadami, at sumisikat! Joke!!!

From Taking Chances to “charleslemark.wordpress” to the best-themed How to Blog an Exploding Man?, I am now celebrating two year with the blogging world…

I cant believe that I’ve just started to blog exactly two year ago, and now my blog hits to 23,705. Anyway, thanks for reading my blog and thanks for sharing two year with me! And I hope many more to come

Two days to go, Christmas na naman!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Last Wednesday was my first Christmas Party as an adviser and as a teacher. I was so excited, and prepared myself for the party. But I was not prepared for what surprised me. Really, a good haul this year.

Students from my school were really generous. I was very surprised that they give alot for me, with the understanding that they don’t actually fancy me too much, and sometimes I get too nippy on them. But hey, I thank them.

See, I told you, its a good haul this year. These pile of gifts are on my table. After the party upstairs in my classroom, I came back to the faculty, and was surprised to see this much pile of gifts. I really don’t expect too much.

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Ngayon ay Agosto, kaya ang How to Blog an Exploding Man? ay nakiki-isa sa buong sambayanang Pilipinas sa pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika.

Kagaya ng aking ginawa sa Pinoy Yata Ako, bilang pagdiriwang sa Araw ng Kalayaan, ako ay maghahatid sa inyo ng mga blog widgets para sa inyo. Pakitandaan lang po, ang mga ito ay hindi ko gawa at ito ay hatid sa inyo ng