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Half of Naga City submerged along with five eastern towns of the Bicol region, and between 20 million to 30 million turned into environment refugees across the Philippines.

Just read this article from

I can’t blog too much about this, it hurts


Are you polluting the environment, not helping the world in reducing the effects of climate change, and not an advocate of recycling? Well, now, you are considered a sinner. That is at least, according to the new list of Mortal Sins, according to Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti this month in Vatican.

Manipulate human genes? Cause social or economic injustice? All sins.

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I have been interested in this article of PDI today. And it coincides with the celebration of EDSA II People Power this week.

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There’s no reason why you won’t love Homer!

Here’s the Top 10 reasons for Homer as President

I just found some trivia on the website of “National Historical Insitute“.

Do you know that in Spain, Spaniards eat “Filipinos?”
“Filipinos” is actually a brand of cookies covered in chocolate produced by a company called United Biscuits Iberia, S.L. The cookies were inspired by “rosquillo” biscuits produced in Iloilo and Negros and the Spaniards added another twist by coating it with brown or white chocolate

Do you know that Bonifacio had his image photographed he would look like Jose Rizal?
According to Bonifacio’s friend and comrade Guillermo Masangkay, as an agent of foreign companies doing business in the Philippines, Bonifacio had to dress well. He wore coat and tie, trousers and shoes which is far from his barefooted Katipunero image wearing shoes, an undershirt, loose pants and brandishing a bolo. On the very day the Katipuneros shouted the cry for freedom, Read the rest of this entry »

We all think (well, almost) that life in the United States is more convenient than in the Philippines. That is part of our colonial mentality that we still had since the Philippines was colonized by Spaniards and Americans.

Still, I believe (or discovered) that life here in the Philippines is more convenient than in the United States (or other countries, deemed by Filipinos as “Land of Opportunities“.) As part of my post this Independence Week Celebration, here are some reasons why:

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As a first time voter, I was excited to cast my vote in my first ever participation on a national election. Of course, I woke up early, dressed decently, and prepared my election guide. I studied all the candidate’s profile and platforms for their legislative works.

This is how I casted my ballot yesterday morning at Precint 0374-A.

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