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In celebration of Judy Ann’s 30th birthday, she stars and produced a remarkable and ground-breaking film Ploning.

Judy Ann Santos stars as Ploning, a simple girl from Barrio Cuyo in Palawan, that embarks a simple relationship-based story to her father, lover and everybody else in their small Barrio. It may be one of Judy Ann’s best performance, a truly remarkable feat for her. Ploning conveys a simple message: Ang pag-ibig ay naghihintay at umaasa, na kahit sa anong paraan, maaari tayong magbigay ng pag-ibig sa lahat ng tao.

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Here is my list of AI 2008 (Season 7) Best performances

David Archuleta’s Imagine and David Cook’s Billie Jean

Forget the chicken dance, Macarena, and other old dance craze that has reached international fame! The PAPAYA dance from Edu Manzano’s Pilipinas Game Ka Na Ba? is the newest International Dance craze, as ABC’s Good Morning America featured it as the new Macarena. They even showed Filipino children and the Military dancing to its tune.

So, after the Cebu prisoners danced to the tune of Thriller, achieved international success, and even sprouted several imitations; now another dance craze is from the Philippines! Wow! That is amazing!

Here is a clearer version of the ABC’s Good Morning America from YouTube:

And of course, the original, and Mr. Papaya himself: Edu Manzano in Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?

And even US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenny danced to the tune of Papaya:

Ok. Even if I can’t understand what a word this woman is saying (I think she is Russian), and what the point of what she said, I know that she is dancing Papaya, and even tuning it by herself

And lastly, this European boy featured Papaya with some stupidity in his video blog

That’s how the Papaya dance is all over the world.

I know, I know! For the past blog entries here, I have been posting a fairly stupid and worth-nothing entries. Heck! I am so tired and wasted with my work, that I can’t give enough time to update this blog and to personalize it the way it used to be. So, here I am and making a right hook vengeance to those people saying this blog is dead.

Anyway, school year just ended, Holy Week started last Monday, today is Holy Thursday, there’s no work, no students, and summer is in the house. That means, more time for myself, more time to blog around, and more time for some summer-loving fun! so, let’s start?!? I’ll do this one by one, post per post, and topic per topic. So read on!

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Its been weeks since I updated my blog. That is because I am so busy with my BAKAS.

But, what is “BAKAS”? It is a culminating activity of the Araling Panlipunan Area in our school. It is a program / mini-play that showcases the important turning events in the Philippine history. BAKAS has been planned for almost a year, and we started the practice since the start of the resumption of the school year after the long Christmas vacation.

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ABS-CBN’s 2008 Primetime Bida Line-up Teaser

ABS-CBN’s 2008 Primetime Bida Ka